You all have my condolences on your passing. But take heart. Even though your life has ended, I can give you a new one. Welcome to the Panoptichron (pa nop tisaron). Nexus of all realities. I am the Time Broker.

Time is like a living being, it has shape, it has motion and it has growth. It is like a massive chain of DNA, and all along that chain are strands that make up the unlimited number of various realities. In these different scenarios the life energies of every individual are used differently, they can be of the opposite sex, animals or mere energy signatures. The problem is that along the time DNA there are bad strands, defective genes. In most cases they don’t effect the overall body, or only result in minor changes, however some cause “hiccups“. These hiccups that cause breaks in time that will change many alternate scenarios in a domino effect.

I have gathered you people here to go to these worlds help cure their hiccups.

You have been given the Tallus. When you first arrive this appear on the arm of one of the team. It will be them that the mission will be given to.

Now I must warn you, you may recognise some of these dimensions. Some may closely resemble your own. Others from other sources. The multiverse has a bleed effect. The truth’s of one world can seep into another, totally unrelated, and appear as one man’s imagination. If that gets told, the bleed becomes more prevalent. Try to not act too surprised if you ever meet Starsky and Hutch.

I am afraid you can never return home. You were meant to die. I simply plucked you from your moment of death to serve a greater purpose, therefore not causing a hiccup on your own world.

There are worlds out there that could benefit from an extra pair of hands, if you find a world you wish to stay on then something might be possible. Alternatively there are worlds that have a remarkable similarity to your own. If the circumstances arise I may be able to send you to one of these.


Exiled Fathead Brainfreeze