Close The Door

A new recruit, Ivo, is brought to the Panoptichron and is introduced by the Time Keeper to Grayson Samuels and Matt Harper. After which Ivo and Samuels find themselves transported into the middle of a destroyed city alongside Magnus with a man defending himself against what appears to be demons. Ivo is wearing the Tallus and the words “Close the Door” appear in his head.
After saving the man, who is revealed to be Andrew Crozier, some sort of sorcerer, he tells them of a Hell Gate

he also reveals to the other two that Samuels is a vampire.
Something on this side is keeping the rift open, and they need to take care of the most important spell components. Either the Litany of Andralla or the Staff of the Necro-Kings. Samuels, understandably, suggests they go after the Litany first. Crozier understands that there is a human in the Regency Plaza, what was one of the prestigious hotels in the city, surrounded by demons. He probably knows something.
The three agree to help, and are surprised when Crozier doesn’t intend to go with them. He gives them an address to go to if they survive.
Making their way along the sewer tunnels, they reach Regency Plaza and easily take out the underground guards. Samuels sneaks ahead, revealing that the Hellhound kennels right next to the entrance, and the area is a little too small for Magnus to fit through.

Surprisingly, Samuels and Magnus disappear and are replaced by Little m and Farseer. Farseer agrees to follow Samuels’ plan. Upon reaching the kennels he tries to possess a hellhound, which sets off the other seven. After having to deal with all eight and a guard, the three finally progress, and decide it’s easier to take the elevator all the way to the 30th floor. Unsure this is a wise move, m hides on the roof of the car.

Reaching the 16th floor the elevator surprisingly stops. The doors open to reveal four huge demons. The fight against the Hellhounds left m badly injured she is unable to help directly, but rigs the lift’s breaks to fail if hit correctly. While they give good, Ivo and Farseer are taken down pretty quickly. m realises she can’t let her friends just be taken, so tries to distact the two remaining demons. One is lured into the lift, and is sent plummeting to the ground floor. Running to Ivo to try and wake him, m doesn’t have enough time as the remaining demon is on her. Dancing around him, she’s a little lost what to do. Thankfully Farseer wakes up just in time, but not knowing what’s going on, or understanding his newly gained vampire powers, and the hunger inside of him, he bites the demon.

Unable to control himself he drains the demon dry, and the demonic blood causes the human side of Farseer to disappear. The animalistic vampire runs off down the hall and up the lift shaft. Unsure what to do, and in no fit state to do much, m finds an unlocked hotel room, drags Ivo in, and the two sleep for the next hour getting their strength back.


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