Power Level 8

Open house on characters, magic, tech, mutant all of the above. Hell, you can be from Star Trek for all I care. However, looks wise you do have to be able to pass as human, odd skin colours allowed, it wouldn’t be comics if no one batted an eyelid at the blue chick walking towards them. Elves, dwarves etc are all okay. This is all about travelling to other dimensions. You have to be able to fit in, maybe the odd look here and there but who cares.

Personally this means character such as Nightcrawler are perfectly okay. Some universes that’s not going to be a problem, a world heavy with superheros or D&D like setting probably wouldn’t react hugely to you. But if he appeared in world like ours, fun begins. However, since the entire idea is that anyone can run, each character has to get the okay from everyone.

Full back stories are needed. This is a must, the whole beginning of the campaign rests on me having these. You are an established hero in whatever setting you’re from. Source of powers, how you got them (mutants speak for themselves obviously) Are you part of a team/group or a solo hero? What’s the team called? Who’s your big rival. Spider-Man has the Green Goblin. Captain America has the Red Skull. Who do you have?

Now a question that has come up is what if other world’s wouldn’t view you as a hero? As in what if you helped the Nazi’s win WW2. Well, it all depends on how you did it. If it was all down to a good military strategist, our world would go “well he was a genius, he didn’t waste men, and didn’t commit any atrocities of war, if only he’d not be working for Hitler” then that would be fine. Overall a hero, just the side he’s fighting for is questionable. But if he made a super-weapon that was fueled by Jew bodies, well that’s a non-starter.


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