House Rules

  • Atk/dmg or def/tough trade off no more than 50% ie PL8, def can go no higher the 12 with toughness of 4
  • Impervious Toughness maximum 1/2 of PL, unless ablative
  • Sidekicks 1 PL lower then main character
  • Minions have to be summonable
  • No Nemesis, Pre or post cognition, time control, dimensional and temporal movement.
  • No selective area attacks or obscures.
  • Possession has to be a touch attack or eye contact
  • Maximum ranks in Duplication is 10 dupes
  • Flight and/or speed limited to 100 mph (rank 4), Super Speedsters (ie Flash/Quicksilver) allowed 250mph
  • Leaping 5 (base str 500ft full round action to land)
  • Teleport 4 (400ft move, 1 mile full round)
  • Telekinesis and Magnetic Control at rank 4 (half PL)

Any of the house rules can be broken given a good enough explanation and agreement by all players
GMs are not restrained by these rules for NPCs

Levels are capped at PL8. More PP to spend on powers but can never break PL8. Therefore the longer you survive – the more versatile you become
OR 20 points to level up.

New Feats
Ambidexterity allows a character to aim to use split attack with two weapons at -2 attack

Dual Wielding – -4 (Ambidexterity lowers to -2) to attack bonus. the character can use both weapons damage against one opponent as long as doesn’t break PL. IE heavy pistols double up to +8. If Impervious, based on 1 weapon as essentially being hit by two lots of 4 damage.


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