The President is a figure head, Senate has no power what so ever, all control comes from military leaders in the Pentagon.

The US populace is kept docile with additives added to food and water but most importantly subliminal messages are piped through TV and Radio. Some rich businessmen are in on the secret because the ‘Government’ lets them make a fuck ton of money for helping along.

It all started with John F. Kennedy. Kennedy restrained the CIA after the the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and his brother Robert was a major hindrance in the CIA funded Mafia assassination of Fidel Castro. So they took steps to get the President out of the way, and on 22nd November 1963 JFK was shot by a CIA sniper. Lee Harvey Oswald was ready to take the fall, but those in charge of the operation worried if he broke and decided to silence him.

When they learnt of the upcoming attacks by Al-Qaeda on New York’s World Trade Center they arranged for a Global Hawk UAV to also strike the Pentagon, a section that all important personal would be vacant from. Using these attacks they were able to take step up their foreign military activities more into the open and press advantages even more.

Unfortunately, with the rise of the internet, independent media and the old networks loosing grip on the masses their control started to slip. The first decade of the new millennium saw a rise in discontent with the government. Resistance groups, especially among the tech-savvy, started to become more common, some are more open, like Anonymous, that attract the young and way too much attention, but they also bring a spotlight onto the activities of the military leaders and the companies that do their bidding.

They needed a way to regain control.


Exiled NightJim